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December 3, 2023 in Blog

Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Home.

Finding Floors That Feel Like Home


Selecting new flooring can be an exciting yet daunting process. With so many options to sort through, how do you choose what will work best for your lifestyle and space?

At Sweeney Home Solutions, we view each client’s home as a unique canvas. Our goal is to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life through transformative floors that align with your aesthetic, functional needs, and budget. With decades of combined experience installing stunning floors throughout New Jersey, we’re here to guide you to a decision you’ll love living with for years.

When beginning any hero’s journey, having an experienced mentor by your side makes all the difference. Consider us your flooring sages, ready to impart our wisdom as you embark on this quest.

Mapping Out Your Unique Needs

Every homeowner’s needs are different. By asking the right questions early on, we can narrow down the options and focus our search on floors that suit your family.

  • What feeling are you hoping to create in each space? Cozy and warm rooms have different needs than high-traffic common areas.
  • How do you anticipate using each room? Will they be kid zones, entertaining spaces, retreats for relaxation? Envisioning the experiences you want to have determines the right flooring fit.
  • Do you have any lifestyle factors that affect choices? Pets, allergies, aging joints that need extra cushy support? Be honest so we find the healthiest solutions.
  • What’s your decor style? Classy and elegant? Cool modern minimalism? Understanding your vibe prevents clashing design choices.
  • Are there existing elements you want floors to complement like cabinets, countertops or fixtures? We select materials that beautifully tie spaces together.

By exploring your unique vision, we identify the non-negotiables most important in potential floors. This clears a path through the jungle of options to lead you to oases of smart solutions.

Questing Through the Flooring Market

Once clear on must-haves for livability and style, we embark on an expedition through the flooring landscape seeking possibilities that fit the bill. Along the way, we’ll equip you with insider knowledge about each category so you can discover the best material for each space based on quality, aesthetics, and value.

Durable Hardwoods – Parquet to Wide Plank Wonders

If rich, timeless wood floors call your name, consider humidity levels. While Jersey isn’t the driest, maintaining 40-60% prevents gaps or warping. We’ll spec unfinished, site-finished or prefinished hardwoods to match climate needs so handsome oak, maple or exotic tropical species wear beautifully.

Pro Tip: Wide plank hardwood flooring is on-trend, offering dramatic impact! For modern or traditional homes, five to seven inch planks add stylish flair.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo and Cork

Seeking sustainable options? Cork resists mold and moisture, provides insulation, wears well in heavy traffic with an earthy, organic vibe. Bamboo offers incredible strength and stability rivaling hardwoods while regenerating rapidly without replanting. Both naturally beautiful choices!

Green Building Fact: Over 12.5 million tons of carpeting is dumped annually in the US. Selecting eco-friendly floors like bamboo and cork reduces landfill waste.

Carpet’s Cozy Comfort

Make bedrooms, nurseries and dens downright irresistible with cushy carpets in fibers suited to your lifestyle. Compare soft synthetics like polyester and nylon to elegant wool’s strength, stain resistance and hypoallergenic perks. With kids or pets, consider solution-dyed synthetics impervious to spills. Virtually any palette can be matched to complement your decor.

Insider Tip: When renovating or building, splurge on carpet padding with thicker density and antimicrobial treatment for health, comfort and better acoustic performance!

Through our journey, take notes on contenders catching your eye. Feel free to ask us questions anytime the terrain seems tricky so we guide you towards smart solutions away from potential pitfalls.

Choosing Colors That Wow

Once familiar with category basics, now’s the exciting part – selecting a color personality! Here’s where we get to know your tastes better while considering hues that unify rooms into a happy home.

Do you lean towards…

  • Warm, welcoming earth tones?
  • Cool tones like grays for zen, coastal or modern spaces?
  • Bold brights that energize and inspire?
  • Neutrals as a subtle base for other colorful fixtures and art?

Floor colors impact how large, bright or cozy a room feels. Dark hues feel intimate, light tones open up small spaces. Know the mood you want then test drive tints until you discover your perfect shade.

Worried about staining or discoloration from sunlight over time? We’ll explore durable finishes and materials resistant to wear, UV rays and fading so you love floors for decades.

Get creative, dream big! Any colors catching your eye we can likely find or custom order to make a unique flooring statements. We’re here to make that vision real.

Skillfully Installed to Pass Inspections

Once final flooring selections achieve design dreams and check functional boxes, our meticulous installation process aims to impress most stringent inspectors. Trusted by homeowners and general contractors across New Jersey for meeting exacting industry standards, our skills have been honed over decades.

  • Precisely measured rooms ensure no awkward end cuts, seam placements
  • Carefully removed baseboards and transitions prevent damage for reuse
  • Moisture testing on concrete prevents adhesion issues down the road
  • Premium grades of adhesive and seam sealants inhibit gaps, lifting or bubbling
  • Custom cutting intricate patterns with specialized tools around intricate obstacles
  • Crafting stunning borders and medallions as artistic focal points

Our promise? Floors correctly installed to manufacturer specifications consistently passing local municipal inspections on first submission.

Floors That Feel Like You

At Sweeney Home Solutions, our Drive is to collaboratively create floors not just beautifully dressed but flawlessly functional for your lifestyle. Choices greeting you each day with smiles, free from upkeep headaches so you can confidently enjoy life’s special moments happening at home.

We hope you see us as trusted guides through this important decision. Floors that perfectly marry aesthetics, quality craftsmanship and enduring performance over decades to come. Whether a quick redo or whole home renovation, you want the job done right by a company who stands behind their word.

Reach out today to start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about your vision then take you on an exciting Flooring Discovery to find your perfect match!